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KB19 Educational Program is supported by TPL.

The idea behind the workshop is to explore the multiple ways in which the word “Jungle” is used in our day to day vocabulary, with particular reference to our surrounding and environment. It will look into the evolution of how the urban jungle – our cities, towns, environments, neighborhoods – have changed over time.

Schools will sign up for the workshop. Due to a limited number of slots, we will only be working with 3-4 schools for this workshop. The participants of the workshop will be a group of pre-selected students bythe schools themselves. This can either be one class, or section, or even more, as deemed appropriate by the art teacher.

An introductory orientation will be held with the students and the art teachers who become part of this program. This will be done within the school by the KB school. After this, it will be the art teachers themselves who will then take charge of this workshop, and work with the students to develop the project.

  • Type : School Workshops
  • Age Group : 13 – 15
  • Timing : July – September 2019 (School Time – 1 hour long)
  • Venue : Variable

Limited Slots available. Pre-registration required

The project will allow for an exploration of multiple subjects and skills through the medium of art. This will include,

  • Geography
  • History
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Research

With a focus on contemporary art, and getting students to understand the work and purpose of artists, these workshops will take place within the schools. The workshops will focus on questions like, what is Art? Why do we do it?

Taking forward the workshops that we did last year, we will expand the conversation around art, to focus on environment and how artists have been instrumental in bringing focus to the world around them.

  • Type : School Workshops
  • Age Group : 10+
  • Timing : July – September 2019 
  • Venue : Premise of the School
  • Requirement : Multimedia

Like KB17, the tours will revolve around the artworks at the venue, where as a group we critically analyze them. The tour will ensure that the visit stresses on the Curatorial focus and how artists have responded to the call.

Through interactive discussion and exploration, we will question the works and develop knowledge collectively.

  • Type : School
  • Age Group : 8-15
  • Timing : 26th Oct– 8th November 2019 / Monday – Thursday
  • Venue : Multiple

Pre-Registration Required

Jungle Book Workshop 24th July