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“After the well-received KB17, we are planning an exciting second iteration of Karachi Biennale with Muhammad Zeeshan as the Curator of KB19.
He is an influential voice among the artists and curators of his generation in Pakistan. His entire journey from traditional training in miniature painting to an art practice that embraces the conceptual has been one of creating new thresholds with ideas. Zeeshan’s exhibition making is marked by the same energy that moves fluidly between poetics and polemics to conceive projects with elements of discovery.
The KB19 thematic: A Flight Interrupted : ‘Eco-leaks from the Invasion Desk’ with its focus on ecology addresses not only transgressive urbanisation and un-greening of Karachi with its increasing heat waves but also the shared global environmental crisis. KB19 invites artists to communicate its urgency to a city of 22 million with inventive interventions.”

Niilofur Farrukh, CEO and Managing Trustee, Karachi Biennale Trust