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Third Karachi Biennale KB22

Art and Wellness Sessions

The KBT Global Outreach Art and Wellness workshop held on November 4 and 5, 2022, was designed for youth between the ages of eighteen to twenty five. It was a two day wellness workshop organised in collaboration with KB, GEM Arts and Health, Australia, IRD Pakistan and NJV School Karachi. The workshop was held to promote wellbeing tools to forty, creative young adults using coaching and creative expression techniques .

Recent reports indicate a sharp increase in wellbeing dysfunctions in our society. According to research conducted in 2007-2009 (PAMH Survey), an estimated 34 percent of the local population is facing mental health challenges. This trend is echoed throughout the world as conflict and uncertainty have led to widespread anxiety and depression.

The KBT Art and Wellness workshop fills a void that exists in Karachi by providing awareness to youth, enabling them to express their emotions, navigate career goals and manage relationships with support from coaches and peers.