Karachi Biennale 2017 Catalog sheds light on Karachi’s “Interesting Times”

Karachi Biennale Trust launched its first catalog for KB17 at Amin Gulgee Gallery.

The KB17 Catalog is a landmark project of KB17 that documents the city’s first ever Biennale. It covers the works of 180 local and international artists who exhibited at 12 public venues. It also includes a section on interdisciplinary dialogues on current critical concerns shared by artists, researchers, social activists and academics. This is a part of the Biennale’s mandate to document current knowledge with a series of discursive roundtables, interviews, panel discussions that focus on the context of KB17 and critical discourses in the city. Very important part of it has been the South South Critical Dialogue that connects KB with the art scene of developing countries. It was initiated with Latin America and the catalog essays and reports archive this seminal exchange.

Also highlighted is the theme, Witness, which ran like a thread throughout KB17 to underpin its strong relevance to the politics of representation and reclaiming of lost personal and political histories.

This catalog will be of special interest to all who want to engage with ‘the interesting times’ of Karachi as seen through the lens of artists and thinkers.

The catalog will be available on the occasion. The Panel Discussion with the team that developed the catalog, included Niilofur Farrukh (Chair), Amin Gulgee (Chief Curator KB17), Umme Hani Imani (Editor KB17 Catalog) and Kiran Aman (CEO Markings Publishing) who gave insights into its editorial process and objective.

Our official Publishing Partners were Markings Publishing and KB17 Catalog Launch Partners were Amin Gulgee Gallery.