REEL ON HAI, June 2016-2017

The most extensive Public Art Project in Pakistan

“ The dynamics of holding a large art event in a mega city are very different from those of smaller cities. In order to penetrate the fabric of the city, the KB17 has planned an extensive outreach program that aims to span 18 union councils of the city, “ Masuma Halai Khwaja Chairperson Public Outreach Committee.

Reel On Hai is an ambitious public art project, aiming to rescue and transform discarded cable reels into works of art. 100 artists, designers, and architects will work on-site in parks, schools, hospitals, colleges, and other public places to engage communities through activities designed around the work, and sensitize them to art and the role it plays in projecting the dynamism of a people. KB17 Public Outreach Committee Chair, Masuma Halai Khwaja. Team includes Nasheed Imran, Bina Ali, Khushbu Shaukat, Ali Imani, Mohsin Sayeed, Shehzar Abro, Fatema Mandviwala, Zoya Nasir Iqbal, Safa Fareed, Ambareen Kazim Thompson, and Ainee Shehzad.

Main Activity Partner: Pakistan Cables Pvt. Ltd.

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Urban Regeneration Talk Series, 2016-2017

A project by the KB17 Public Outreach Committee

A five talk series that traces the intellectual evolution of art in Pakistan. Discussions focus on the emergence of new media art forms, public art, and art law, and how these practices interact with urban rupture, which is an increasing concern for artists. Series spearheaded by Marvi Mazhar, team includes Nasheed Imran, Bina Ali, Mohsin Sayeed, Khushbu Shaukat, Shehzar Abro, Fatema Mandviwala, and Masuma Halai Khwaja. Sponsored by Paramount Books Pvt Ltd. Institutional partner T2F/PeaceNiche

Reclaiming City Spaces | 26 March 2016 | T2F | Moderator: Marvi Mazhar | Panellists: Shahid Abdullah, Hasnain Lotia, Aquila Ismail, Munawwar Syed, Haider Ali.

Public Art in the Local and Global Context | 14 May 2016 | T2F | Moderator: Niilofur Farrukh | Panellists: Gulraiz Khan, Masuma Halai Khwaja

Art as the City, The City as Art | 29 October 2016 | T2F | Moderator: Gulraiz Khan | Panellists: Durriya Qazi, Munawwar Syed, Shahana Rajani, Zahra Malkani.

Other Projects

Artist Talk by Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid

An interactive talk to familiarize budding artists with the trajectory and practices of two of Pakistan's most famous artists. Project spearheaded by Nasheed Imran, team includes Khushbu Shaukat, Ali Imani, Shehzar Abro, Zoya Nasir Iqbal, Safa Fareed, and Fatema Mandviwala. Institutional Partners: Karachi Grammar School

Introduction to KB17:

Meet and Greet at the T2F | 27 February 2016

Public Art Projects of the KB17 | Habib University | 1 April 2016 | Moderator: Gulraiz Khan | Panel: Niilofur Farrukh and Masuma Halai Khwaja

Other Events

Meet and Greet for Professor Schwenk | 21 November 2016

Public Art Initiatives in Germany by Professor Bernhart Schwenk, Chief Curator of Contemporary Art, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany

Panel Discussion on Witness with regard to Memory and Erasure at KLF 2016 | February 2016

Panellists: Niilofur Farrukh, Asma Ibrahim, Camilla Chaudhry, and Masuma Halai Khwaja | Moderator: Aquila Ismail




Workshop by Faisal Anwar

Faisal Anwar is a Pakistani Canadian interactive, new media, and installation artist. He is fascinated by hybrid cities and uses social data to map people’s perceptions of private vs public spaces and social interactivity in modern urban cultures. He recently conducted photography workshops at the NJV School (primary venue of KB17) and at Orangi Pilot Project (OPP).

Workshop by Ivan Lam

Regarded as one of Malaysia’s most progressive contemporary artists, Ivan Lam’s practice involves various media, combined with inspiration from popular culture, autobiography, current affairs, and every-day scenery. He recently visited Karachi, in April 2017 to conduct interactive workshops with schoolchildren at the NJV School, primary venue of the KB17 2017.

New Art Forms & Social / Interactivity - Talk by Faisal Anwar

13th March 2017

The Pakistani Canadian New media artist, introduced the work of three Canadian artists including his own practice. Faisal Anwar’s work bridges technology, art and the public. His acclaimed projects are immersive and bend the spaces between public and private.

Dr Nick Merriman (New North and South Network) visit

13th March 2017

Dr Nick Merriman of New North and South Network (NNSN), met the KB17 team to discuss exchanges and collaborations in the next three years. Nick Merrimen was introduced to art professionals and collectors of Karachi. The NNSN is a network of eleven arts organisations from the North of England and South Asia, that aims to create dialogue, celebrate shared heritage across continents and develop artistic talent.

Annual Prince Claus Fund Prize Ceremony

Dec 14 2016

The Annual Prince Claus Fund Prize Ceremony invited KB17 Chief Curator Amin Gulgee as a special guest when it honoured T2F and its founder Sabeen Mahmud. Marvi Mazhar from T2F, who is also a KB colleague, was in Amsterdam to receive the award.


November 21 2016

Meet and Greet in honour of Professor Bernhart Schwenk, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Pinakothek der Moderne Munich. Arranged by KB17 Outreach Committee in collaboration with Goethe Institute and T2F.


8 to 11 July 2016

KB17 Trustee Bushra Hussain and Chief Curator Amin Gulgee invited to visit British Council New North South Network meeting during Liverpool Biennale


Dec 2016

Chief Curator Amin Gulgee introduced KB17 at a seminar Columbo Biennale


21 November 2016

KB17 introduced and discussed at the Istanbul International Art Fair . Speakers Niilofur Farrukh CEO KB17 , Marek Bartelik President Aica International and Burcu Pehalvanaglo, Aica Turkey.


28 April 2016

KB17 organises a meet and greet for Karachi artists with Manchester Art Gallery curators Natasha Howes and Clare Gannaway in collaboration with VM Gallery Karachi


22nd March 2016

KB17 invited Alnoor Mitha, Curator of Asia Triennial Manchester to talk at Indus Valley School Gallery supported by the British Council Karachi and VM Gallery. #karachiBiennale, #ivs #alnoormitha


March 2016

Media artist Wolfgang Spahn performs his work Entropie, live at T2F, Karachi . The event was supported by Goethe Institute Karachi. Image.


March 9 2016

KB17 hosts a New Media Art Workshop with hacktivists Stephen Kovats and Wolfgang Spahn from Berlin for Orangi school children in collaboration with Orangi Pilot Project OCT and supported by Goethe Institute Karachi.

KB17 Global Outreach activities

February 8 2016

KB17 attends the New North South Network Partners meeting hosted by the British Council at the Dhaka Art Summit.

KB17 South South Art Dialogue

'Globalization has advanced little in the periphery because it has globalized from and for the centers. Such a structure implies the existence of large zones of silence disconnected to one another or only connected indirectly by way of the neo-metropolis. ' Gerardo Mosquera
The South South Art Dialogue is an effort to create new connections within what Gerardo Mosquera calls ‘ large zones of silence’. These zones, often separated by continents, are connected by similar challenges. Their shared experience of what Walter Mingolo has termed coloniality, has created a 21 st Century control of the free flow of art and creative ideas.To share the particularities of concerns and histories of the collective South and expand the discourse around their independent art trajectories, KB17 has initiated a South South Art Dialogue.
KB 17’s focus will be Latin America, which has seen the emergence of critical voices and curatorial strategies. Here the art and critical practice, and institutions and biennales will be foreground and also studied as resistance to the controlling instruments of globalization.
The KB17 South South Art Dialogue has two parts: The first is the formation of a Study Group that will study texts of critical thinkers from Latin America. The second is a panel discussion of eminent critics Adriana Almada ( Paraguay), Carlos Aceros Ruiz ( Dominican Republic) and Dannys Montes De Oca (Cuba) at KB17 in October 2017.

First Discursive Roundtable Pakistan’s Women Rights Movement as Witness

The KB17 will focus on both a visual and discursive interpretation of the theme Witness. Projects throughout the year will create opportunities to extend the critical discourse.

Knowledge Lab

The Knowledge Lab will generate critical knowledge by facilitating points of intersection with diverse strands of intellectual dynamism in the local context. This interdisciplinary exchange will be in the form of roundtables/ panels and interviews in the months leading up to the Biennale. The dialogue between art critics, art historians, filmmakers, poets, writers and social activists will be documented in a publication that will serve as a resource for researchers and theorists.

The first session was held in November 2016 at the Pakistan Calling Film Festival under the rubric ‘Film as Witness’ that examined the content of iconic Pakistani films. The works of visual artists who have used video as a medium to comment on their time also came under discussion. Participating panelists were Hasan Zaidi ( filmmaker and founder of Kara Film Festival), Nameera Ahmed ( new media artist) and Sibtain Naqvi (writer and researcher on culture) as discussants. The session was moderated by Niilofur Farrukh.

First Discursive Roundtable Pakistan’s Women Rights Movement as Witness

Feb 28, 2017

The Roundtable created an opportunity for a dialogue between artists and activists to unpack media stereotypes on women issues. Artists’ presentations highlighted the different ways in which each generation represents the personal and the political in their art. Women activists shared their long struggle which has lead to a greater awareness of women rights that in recent years made Pakistan’s historical pro-women legislation possible with participation of women politicians across party lines. Participants were Meher Afroze, Roohi Ahmed, Mariam Agha Hilda Saeed, Raheema Panhwar, Maliha Zia, Fareiha Aziz and Qurat Mirza with Niilofur Farrukh and Aquila Ismail as moderators.

Thinkers Baithak

Baithak has traditionally been an informal space for an exchange of ideas in South Asia. Eminent thinkers from different fields will be invited for a public dialogue with art critics and artists during the Biennale.

Kalam Sessions

Reading sessions by artists, poets and writers who will read texts from poetry/ fiction/ history/ philosophy / social commentary that have had an influence on them and their career. These will be interactive sessions with audience participation during the KB17.

Karachi Art Directory

A team of research interns in the summer of 2016 compiled current data on visual artists, exponents of popular and traditional arts, art critics, curators, art educational institutions and galleries. This seminal research will be valuable in understanding the scale and diversity of art practices that exists in the city. The Project co-ordinators: Bushra Hussain and Tazeen Hussain. This research project of KB17 Project is in collaboration with V M Gallery Research Library .