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The First KB19 Discursive Roundtable

Theme: Displacement and Social Ecology

KB19 discursive events, which include roundtables, help to interpret and contexualise art and relate it to society through informed dialogue. They offer a platform that engenders interdisciplinary exchange, critical discourse, and documentation, based on a sensitive understanding of Karachi’s intractable frameworks of incidence, reaction, and reflection.

The First KB19 Discursive Roundtable took place at Alliance Francais on 11th January, 2019, and addressed Displacement and Social Ecology through the lense of Artist Shahana Rajani’s case study. Social activist, writer and translator Aquila Ismail, Historian Gul Hassan Kalamatti, and Investigative journalist Naziha Syed Ali were also called as panelists to unpack and address this topic from their perspectives, using their first hand experience to layer and expand the conversation.